Mercury Retrograde Stories, Libra Sun

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Thumbs up, thumbs down. Canadian or American election anyone?  Politics around the world are being affected by this Mercury retrograde.    Mercury rules all things to do with communication and travel.  When Mercury goes retrograde things related to communication and travel go awry.  That’s why you don’t buy anything major or sign contracts.  They too fall under the written agreement section of Mercury’s job description.



The stock market traditionally falls during a Mercury retrograde cycle.  People have to communicate to buy and sell stocks!  If you buy stocks during Mercury retrograde, you change your mind when Mercury is back in direct communication in 3 weeks time.  Hello!


For example look at the USA and their Wall street bailout decision.  One day they said no, now they are saying maybe.  You can’t trust a communications decision during Mercury retrograde, especially during indecisive Libra Sun time!  It’s likely to change!



Then look at how all those communication internet gaffes are catching up to our Canadian politicians in every party.  Now Harper is being accused of plagarism the first thing that anyone in high school or university today is threatened with … Do not plagiarize is stamped across the foreheads of every student.  That’s stealing words from others and a real no-no when one is to be taken seriously.  Our prime minister got caught.  Oh excuse me, his speech writer got caught.  Does that mean his speech writer only has a grade 6 education?  Good heavens with everyone who is having to quit politics because of the Mercury retrograde effect, pretty soon we’ll have no one left to run.  Silly Stephen for calling an election during Mercury retrograde!    These political debates this week will be hilarious.   Whatever the leaders say will not be heard or understood by we the people. 



Now what happens to the CRTC and Bell telephones who has the contract when they open up the Do Not Call Listing to take your phone number off the telemarketers list?  It overloaded the computer system which crashed.  Yup Mercury retrograde.  Here’s the connection by the way and giggle while you are at it!  You know what is going on, so no need to get frustrated.  Here’s the link to add your number to the Do Not Call List!  Hooray!



Is anyone else having problems posting on blogland or replying to posts?  I certainly am, with getting kicked off seemingly every time I’m online.  On the home front Mercury was testing my patience last night.  My main squeeze is away working right now.  We always have our “fireside chat” at 8 p.m. regardless of where either one of us is in the universe.  It’s our dating commitment to talk, listen and discuss the day’s events.  Now we happen to have 4 phones in this house.  The land line was totally dead.  The two portables were extremely crackly.  I managed to squeak out  “all three phones are inoperable, call Telus” somewhere in the 30 phone calls my honey made trying desperately to connect.  Cell phones don’t work this far north and we have to drive 20 minutes to be in cell service.  Telus is so cheap with their towers and lack of commitment to we northerners.  We pay for service we don’t get cause Telus has a monopoly.  So I couldn’t use my cell phone.  The phone problem was solved somewhere in the wee hours of the morning.




I’m supposed to head to the city; a 5 hour drive away this morning.  Given the track record of this particular Mercury retrograde, I think I’ll wait until after the 15th.  Besides it is a record breaking heat wave.  I think my tanning date with the Sun is more important than the passport office.  Yup, it’s a thumbs down to travel for this kid. 



As spouses and parents,

one of our most vital roles is to help

those we love feel good about themselves.”

(Keith Harrell)


Communication Dance in the Moonlight!


For more information on dealing with love and relationships, visit my blog at Love My Journey,  If you are on a spiritual journey, you might also want to explore my website at 







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  1. Thanks Sherrieh for your comment on my “Astrological advice for writers” article. Good to track that wayward Merc Ret! I was a practising astrologer for many years having studied and worked with Dr Liz Greene – now enjoying in my post – career phase(like yourself I see!)putting out some information and ideas which I think people will enjoy.All good wishes from rainy but good-hearted Scotland.

  2. Oh I’m a huge fan of Liz Greene’s and have all her books! Yes, I’m trying to post things that hopefully will help people move forward with their lives. I was a “closet astroloter” for the many decades that I worked as a teacher and then later as a school administrator. It’s such a relief to be able to bring my passion out into the open. Thank God for the encouragement of my inner circle of friends! So now I play in my retirement! I’m delighted to meet you in blogland!

    From my years of experience as a therapist and counselor, I believe that emotional IQ overrides everything else. Hence my focus on writing on the Moon dancing through her cycle!

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