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October 7, 2008 at 6:14 am | Posted in 5. Mercury Retrograde | 7 Comments
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Communication frustration!  Voice mail telephone tag.  Letters don’t arrive on time. Travel plans go awry!  Television problems?  Or perhaps it’s your cable or satellite dish? Oh yah, this is Mercury retrograde playing his tricks until October 15th ! 







Now some people can pooh-pooh it.  In fact I’m gonna do it.  I’m giving out special awards today.  You see I live on a ranch.  Now as I see it there are several kinds of pooh around these parts. 



Buffalo Bully

Buffalo Bully





First there’s the buffalo pooh award.  This goes to Telus, our telephone service bully provider.  Now in the past week we have totally been without any type of telephone service two different times.  What makes it bad is my closest neighbor lives 3 miles away.  Cell phones don’t work this far north because Telus is too cheap to put up more towers while they gouge us with highest cell phone rates in the G8 countries.  Oh that’s okay, we might have phone service in another couple of days they say.  No, that’s okay, we don’t have to be concerned Telus about fire, or health emergencies or needing police service.  They have a monopoly so don’t have to do anything to sweeten up any service deals.  Yup throw some more buffalo pooh at Telus! 

Buffalo Chips award

Buffalo Chips award



Black Angus bawl

Black Angus bawl




Second there’s the cow pooh award.  It’s big and mushy and splatty.  This goes to a several different  blog techies who in 5 days have not been able to figure out why I can’t log on to my Canadian astrology blog.  I patiently explain that I don’t give a cow patty about it being Mercury retrograde.  I’m going through serious addiction withdrawals at not being able to post to my favorite blog.  My hundreds of readers are going through similar withdrawals.  Some have my private email and have asked what is wrong.  Ya, those techies definitely get the big splatty and very messy cow patties.  It’s my addiction and passion for gawd’s sake! 

Cow Patty Award

Cow Patty Award





Goose Poo Award

Goose Poo Award

Third, there’s the goose pooh award.  When you have a lot of Canada geese around, you get to step in a lot of doo-doo.  Now this very special award goes to Canada post.  The post office is sworn to getting the mail through no matter what the weather.  Hello, we have never had a more gorgeous fall.  The roads are clear.  The sky is clear.  So why has that package not arrived in 10 days?  The planes are flying.  Greyhound bus is moving on time.  What is your excuse Canada postal workers?  Perhaps you can strap the envelops on the backs of these geese.  By the way, I do want to say our local postal people are excellent, so it’s not totally pervasive throughout the Canada postal system.






Okay, is anyone else out there as frustrated with Mercury retrograde as I am?  All you air sign people, today is just going to be another pooh award day!  You have Mercury in Virgo?  It won’t be quite so trying, but lighten up.  Your serous Saturn isn’t taking this lack of clear communication very well!


Hope you grin through the trials of this Mercury retrograde.  It could be much worse.  We could be politicians trying in vain to get clear communication out to the electoral masses in either Canada or the USA!



Dance in the Moonlight!


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  1. Astrology Mercury Retrograde Awards…

    This goes to a several different blog techies who in 5 days has not been able to figure out why I can’t log on to my Canadian astrology blog. I patiently explain that I don’t give a cow patty about it being Mercury retrograde. ……

  2. Too funny Astrowoman! What ever happened to simply ignoring Mercury?

  3. Okay, I’ll ignor Mercury and do without phone service for the next 9 days. No my dear this particular Mercury is quincunx my birth Mercury and causing me so much trouble. Thank gawd for the cow patty shuffle. At least I have something squishy to fling and giggle at! Smack … oh I didn’t mean to throw one at your new car!

  4. Alright, I was really hoping to be able to say something as nice on your site as you did on mine but POOP!?!?! LoL That picture of buffalo poo is absolutely disgusting. I can’t stop looking at it! Wait… I think that makes me pretty disgusting too.. Oh Gosh. LoL

  5. Hopefully you got a laugh during this Mercury retrograde cycle! I was saying so many negative comments under my breathe that I had to do something to change that energy. Now when I feel like cursing Mercury retrograde, I just think back to this post and giggle instead! Hugs!

  6. Mercury’s officially retrograde, as is its custom three times a year. As of 1:31 pm Mountain Time, as observed from planet Earth, the planet Mercury began appearing to move backwards. This optical illusion has to do with the combined movement of Earth and Mercury around the sun. What’s more, it’s an optical illusion that purportedly enfeebles our already somewhat sorry attempts at communication.
    Internet Marketing

  7. You are completely correct Anjilinjones. Thankfully Mercury goes direct agaon on October 15th at 12:06 MDT which will give all our computer and telephone techies a much needed break!

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