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Water and Air Energy!  The Moon sailed into watery Pisces at 5:31 p.m. MDT yesterday.  Did you feel the emotional shift?  Is it raining or moisture laden air where you live?  If it’s not raining or snowing; how about your eyes leaking tears, or your heart leaking emotions?  There likely will be liquid flowing somewhere! If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant are in water signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, you noticeably will be affected by the emotional energy over the next couple of days.  The rest of us will have moments of our day which will be influenced by the Moon floating in this water sign. 



Empower yourself and use the Moon energy wisely!  I’m grateful for the Moon in Pisces as it raises one’s passions to the surface.  When we are engaged emotionally, we are more likely to act on things that matter to us.  The research shows that our primitive brains must react first emotionally prior to our logical executive brain reacting.  That’s why you will feel an emotion rising throughout your body often before you are conscious of what you are thinking.  Pay attention to your body as it’s the first indicator.  Your body sensors, braille the universe like a satellite dish.  Your body sensors intuitively pick up clues that you consciously miss.  Tune into the energy of your body because it always tells the truth about what you truly feel!  Intuition rules us whether we acknowledge it or not.



In your family life and at the office, water sign times are awesome memory making times, especially when they fall on a weekend.  Now you can choose to create fabulous family memories or the opposite.  You get to choose!  With the Sun in Libra, this sun-moon combination is all about balance, doing the right thing, and doing things that make you more in tune with your own spirituality, if you are so inclined.  Neptune rules Pisces.  Now Neptune manifests in a couple of different ways.  Either you indulge in addictive behaviors, or you indulge in spiritual behaviors.  You see everything has it’s polar opposite.  Most people who overly indulge in drugs, alcohol or gambling have a strong Neptune/Pisces in their charts with a square, opposition or other challenging aspect.  The best treatment programs for any of these addictive behaviors go to the polar opposite and use spirituality.  That’s why AA programs tend to be more successful than other treatment programs. 



In your love life and friendships of all types there likely will be a desire to be with friends, talk to friends, or communicate with friends.  If you want to be alone with your main squeeze, understand the energy that is out there!  Watery Moon sign times means women want to connect with other women they value.  If you are a man, understand this and know that in a couple of days, you will be front and centre of her attention again.  Venus rules Libra and rules love relationships.  Not only that but transiting Venus is trine Uranus.  This means that out of the blue a woman will drop in, will call or will communicate.  Now Libra Sun will be telling men that you should just step aside and balance it all out.  That creates a win-win situation for you and your honey!



Reflection Questions! 

  1. How can I help create an extraordinary experience for my family?
  2. What kind of memory do I want to leave in the memory pages of my partner, my kids?
  3. How can I create better balance in my life?
  4. Pamper yourself first and refill your well.  How are you going to do that today?



How does the Moon shifting signs affect the combination of Canada and our wannabe leaders charts for the next couple of days? In alphabetical order:



Canada’s birth chart has Jupiter, Eris and Chiron in Pisces.  The Pisces Moon transit will want to expand in areas of philosophical debate, but Eris is wagging the finger saying “yah but”.  At the end of a couple of days, the yah buts likely will win out with Chiron wounds bleeding all over the place.  Canadians are going to take off their rose colored Neptune glasses and gloomily leak tears over the seemingly sudden downturn of their personal resources.  When reality hits, the topic of discussion over Thanksgiving turkey will likely be pretty dismal.  Moon transits have a habit of bringing outer world events front and centre into our lives!



Elizabeth May [Green] has no planets in Pisces in her combo with Canada platter.  However this Moon transit forms a Grand water Trine for her this weekend, suggesting that she definitely will be tugging at the positive emotions of the people she talks to.  People will hear her targeted green message and understand the importance of having a strong environmental agenda is healthy for all of us.  Expect an upward shift in her poll results.



Jack Layton [NDP] has no planets in Pisces in his Canada composite chart.  This Pisces Moon transit trines his Pluto conjunct Uranus in Cancer suggesting that there could be a sudden upward swing if he paints a transforming picture to people.  Since combo occurs in Cancer, those discussions around the Thanksgiving festivities will prove positive for the NDP as people gather with their families.  Cancer stands for family.   



Stephen Harper [PC] has his Chiron in Pisces in his Canada composite chart.  It’s part of a tee-square to the Sun and Saturn.  This infers that his Virgo Sun combo will be under more attack as people sift through the details of what he has been deceptively telling us.  The result will be a difficult Saturn lesson in Sagittarius. People will not take kindly to the evidence that is being presented with regard to conservative policies, and poor restrictive practices over the past few months.  People do want openness and accountability.  That has not been happening financially with the cost of the war to the taxpayer.  That has not been happening with the Food Inspection Agency.  That has not been happening with our economy since the banks warned Harper in June that we were in trouble.  Expect a severe Chiron wounding and downturn in the polls over the next couple of days. 



Stephane Dion [Liberal] has no planets in his composite chart with Canada.  However he has an extremely strong Water trine formed with the Moon transit.  His stellium of 7 planets in Scorpio trine the Moon and trine Pluto and Uranus in Cancer suggests  that emotionally people are shifting their thinking in his direction.  This deep well of emotion likely will spill over from the Pluto depths of peoples’  psyches.  The energy will be about bringing to the conscious level the honesty, integrity and passion this man has for doing the right thing.  Expect a rise in the polls the next couple of days.



Don’t forget that Mercury is still retrograde until October 15th.  There are still some twists and turns to come out in the plot of this election story.  Hang on for the ride since the election also coincides with the Full Moon in Aries.  The swords will be out with a groundswell of anger amongst the voters!  There could well be several surprises yet! 



Dance in the Mercury Retrograde Moonlight!



I don’t usually write political commentary.  This morning I felt the urgency to do that on Love My Journey since I dearly love my country.  For more information on dealing with love and relationships, visit my blog at Love My Journey,  If you are on a spiritual journey, you might also want to explore my website at 



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  1. Astrology Pisces Moon, Libra Sun…

    Water and Air Energy! The Moon sailed into watery Pisces at 5:31 pm MDT yesterday. Did you feel the emotional shift? Is it raining or moisture laden air where you live? If it’s not raining or snowing; how about your eyes leaking tears, ……

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