Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon

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Freedom loving pioneering energy or … Impulsive and anger may rule the emotional air waves for the next couple of days.  The Moon rides on the red tide of Aries with Mars beating the drum.  This is fire and water energy and it could get steamy around your house! If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you noticeably will be affected by the emotional energy over the next couple of days.  The rest of us will have moments of our day which will be influenced by the Moon burning in this fire sign. 


Empower yourself and use the Moon energy wisely!  I’m grateful for the hot energy of the Moon in Aries.  It gives me a shot of passionate energy to achieve more things.  It’s great for starting stuff, but never for finishing it.  If you tend to be a procrastinator, this is prime procrastination time for you!


In your family life and at the office you might find the Scorpio Sun will lend a compassionate tone to your discussions.  Then the Mars/Aries energy will make you want to fix things with the male energy kicking into high gear.  The two are at emotional odds leaving you bewildered as to what is going on.  Oh yah, there might be mood swings around your house.  Grab the mood swing rope and hang on for the ride.  Part of you will want to be innovation and insightful and just go for gold attitude.  The other voice in your head will say “yah but”.  That’s Uranus opposite Saturn that is mixing into this energy for the next little while. 


In your love life and friendships of all types this could be a volcanic eruption time over the next two day.  Watch out for it.  You get to choose!  Instead use that marvelous Mars energy to propel yourself forward.  Steam can either burn, or it can be used to generate useable power.  Channel the energy appropriately and you will make significant leaps forward with your honey or your friends.  This can be prime time for growing Pluto shifts in thinking and doing and acting.  Raise your consciousness about your relationships!  What about your relationship doesn’t work for you?  Burn it out with the Aries/Mars energy!  Get the issue on the table and discuss it honestly!



Reflection Questions! 

1.  Where are you going with your life? 

2.  What 4 feelings do you attach to that direction?  If you do not respond with positive feeling words, you have some work to do on yourself.

3.  What is stopping you?   What blocks have you put up?

4.  Are you self sabotaging?  Are you being honest with yourself?


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to grow today.  I intend to be assertive to get the things in my life that make me feel good about being me.



The only people with whom you should try to get even

are those who have helped you.

(John E. Southard)



For more information on dealing with life, love and relationships, visit my blog at Love My Journey,  If you are on a spiritual journey, you might also want to explore my website at 


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