Sagittarius Sun, Taurus Moon

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The child bull is back to play with the humor and laughter of Sagittarius Sun!  The Moon glides into Taurus this evening.  If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in earth signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you noticeably will be affected by the emotional energy over the next couple of days.  The rest of us will have moments of our day which will be influenced by the Moon dustily digging in this earth sign. 


Empower yourself and use the Moon energy wisely!  I’m grateful for the transition into Taurus.  I’ll easily find practical solutions to any difficulties I might encounter.  Sagittarius Sun will help me to laugh at mistakes I make along the way. 


In your family life and at the office use the next couple of earthy days to get that shopping done!  Taurus Moon will help you to easily decide whether this is a practical gift for the person you love or not.  Taurus is the money magic sign of the zodiac and will help guide your emotionally as to whether you are wasting your money energy. This is also prime time to get at least some of the Christmas goodies baked ahead of time.  The Taurus energy will slow down the giddy-up go gamboling of the Sagittarius Sun which wants to have it all just for the sheer joy of all that glitters.  That’s Jupiter energy which wants to expand gift giving all over the place.  Is it a coincidence that Christmas falls under the jovial energy of Sagittarius?  I don’t think so!  


In your love life and friendships of all types you might want to rethink your plans with your main squeeze.  The Sun energy lends an optimistic and expansive view of your ideas of what the next few weeks should look like.  Sagittarian energy just adores the colorful show of this season.  So take in all the color and sounds of the season to appease how the sun is affecting you.  Taurus Moon energy will be thinking of all the practical ways to try to make those ideas happen.  Okay, so this blend will take the edge off some of that exuberance, so perhaps you want to lighten up the Taurus yah-but “how are we gonna pay the bills honey?” questions that will surface over the next couple of days. 


Reflection Questions! 

  1.  What 4 things are on your wish list?
  2. Which of those will bring you the most joy and happiness?
  3.  Which is the most practical long term?
  4. What do I really want?


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to cook up some magical Christmas baking with joy and enthusiasm!


“Take a chance! All life is a chance.

The person who goes the furthest is generally

the one who is willing to do and dare.”

Dale Carnegie



Dance in the Earthly Moonlight!


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