Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon Yes We Can

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Transformer Time! This energy makes the ideal real.  Air and Fire energy change is in the air for the Inauguration of Barack Obama.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so!  Is it a coincidence that he is the first black to become president the day after the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death?  Not at all.  It is the universe unfolding as it should and pointing us directly to the kite formation when Obama takes his oath to become president.  That exact moment in time sees the Moon shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius indicating a shift from the depths of sorrow and heaviness of Pluto to the peak of happiness and joy and lightheartedness that Sagittarius Moon brings to us all.  Hope is one of the keywords for Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion. 


Here’s where this hope and this energy leads us today around the world.  The Sun just moved into Aquarius which is the rebel, the transformer, the humanitarian, the view of the future.  Today’s inauguration sees a lineup of 5 planets plus the North Node in Aquarius.  Anytime you have the energy of 3 planets you have a surge of energy.  Today’s lineup will see a tidal wave of future oriented humanitarian energy that will impact the world.  Not only that but this group of planets gets positive and out of bounds Moonshine energy suggesting that this truly will be a government of heart energy.  So this is the earth kite energy around Barack Obama’s team today.  They should be able to fly high in spite of all the difficulties.  They bring practical problem solving to the table.  They will be the do-ers.  They will overcome any adversity with the help of all of us.  Keep them in your prayers for success for their mission.  Prayers are powerful energy folks!


What of Obama himself?  His Sun is in Leo.  His Moon is in Gemini.  His Ascendant is in Aquarius.  Those are the three main indicators to a person’s character.  He brings lots of fire and air energy to the position.  His 7th house of relationships is his strongest house.  No wonder the man knows how to build communities!  No wonder he uses the internet effectively to do it with his ASC in Aquarius.  He has a grand water trine which suggests that he is highly intuitive, creative and filled with heart intentions.  He is the one we have been waiting for to give us the direction, and we are the ones he has been waiting for to build the caring communities.  This is no coincidence that you are a part of this transformation the elders told of generations ago. 


If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in fire signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, you noticeably will be affected by the emotional energy over the next couple of days.  The rest of us will have moments of our day which will be influenced by the Moon glowing in this fire sign. 


Empower yourself and use the Moon energy wisely!  I’m grateful for astrology showing us that there are cycles and patterns and no such thing as coincidences.  They are signposts if we choose to read them on the roadmap through life.


In your family life and at the office this is risk taking and gambling time.  This is light hearted laughter and playing time.  So expect that energy around your home and at the office.  If you tend to be quiet, then that is okay too.  But take advantage of the energy if you want to venture further into the waters of life.  It’s okay.  You no longer have to be afraid.  Take the first baby step forward.  Laugh at yourself if you trip.  The energy of laughter helps to change the dynamics.  You should have lots of fire energy to help you through the next couple of days.  The air of Sun Aquarius will help that fire energy to burn brighter.  This is a hopeful day.  Whatever you hope for, dream it, then make your dream become reality.  But first you must allow yourself the dream!


In your love life and friendships of all types playful energy of Sagittarius Moon is always fun.  This is outspoken and honest energy that you bring to the table today.  So speak your mind but do it with humor and laughter.  The Aquarius Sun might see you focusing more on the group you belong to rather than just you and your main squeeze.  How do you fit in with your inner circle of friends as a couple?  How does your family accept your honey?  It’s time to work on that!


Reflection Questions! 

  1. How do you live, feel and act in your social circle of friendships?
  2. How can you take your personal power and use it for the greater good of society?
  3. What are you willing to take risks on for the next month?
  4. Are you willing to gamble on your personal success?  Then what do you want to do with your life?  What is your primary dream?  Make it happen for yourself! 


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to make my main dream of _____ a reality by taking the first step and doing _______.


If we are to achieve a richer culture,

rich in contrasting values,

we must recognize the

whole gamut of human potentialities,

and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric,

one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.

(Margaret Mead)



Moment of Joy!

The Future is NOW.  Yes we can!

Dance in the Mercury Retrograde Moonlight!


For more information on dealing with life, love and relationships, visit my blog at Love My Journey,  If you are on a spiritual journey, you might also want to explore my website at 


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