Pisces Sun, Leo Moon

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Passionate play day! The Moon heats up the energy later today when she travels into Leo.  Water Fire Energy! If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you noticeably will be affected by the emotional energy over the next couple of days.  The rest of us will have moments of our day which will be influenced by the Moon floating in this fire sign. 


Empower yourself and use the Moon energy wisely!  I’m grateful for the creative playfulness that accompanies this fire energy sign!


In your family life and at the office everyone needs attention.  Spend your day sprinkling sincere warm fuzzies to the people important in your world.  We all need to hear that we are loved, admired, and sincerely cared about.  That helps give us a sense of belonging.  A sense of belonging to the tribe is a fundamental human need.  The warm fuzzies gives positive attention.  If you don’t give positive energy to the people you love, you’ll have the roaring lion’s negative emotions on your hands.  So what is your life’s purpose in your tribe?  


In your love life and friendships of all types Cavort like a kitten with your main squeeze!  Or play like a puppy.  Have you ever watched children at play?  They invent joyful games just for the sheer fun of it!  Use your creative skills and create a purring game just for the two of you.  Surround yourself with red, the color of passion.  So it’s foods to bring out your heat!  Chocolate Goddess time!  Meow!  Purr, purr!


Reflection Questions! 

  1. Where do you tend to take risks?  What house does Leo rule in your chart?
  2. List at least 10 things you and your honey love to do together.
  3. How are you going to incorporate  some of those activities into your next two days?
  4. What are you passionate about? 
    passionate about life!

    passionate about life!


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to live my life filled with my passion.  I choose to live my life with purpose.  I am purr-fect just the way I am. 


One word can be more precious

than all the treasures on earth.

(Hazrat Inayat Khan)


Dance in the Fiery Moonlight!


For more information on dealing with life, love and relationships, visit my blog at Love My Journey, www.sherrieh.wordpress.com.  If you are on a spiritual journey, you might also want to explore my website at www.moonwomenspirituality.com. 


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