Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon

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Shrewd or secretive? The Moon moved into square dancing Scorpio overnight.  Air-Water Energy!  If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in air signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, you noticeably will be affected by the emotional energy over the next couple of days.  The rest of us will have moments of our day which will be influenced by the Moon dancing in this water sign. 


Empower yourself and use the Moon energy wisely!  I’m grateful for Scorpio Moon time since it provides great opportunity every month to transform, mutate, change some of my innate ways of being.  It provides me with the opportunity to go to the depths of my being to see where some emotional was laid down as a seed thought decades ago.  For anyone interested in doing inner reflection or inner childhood work, try the Scorpio/Pluto Moon!


In your family life and at the office you might find yourself in a tug of war between what you know in your heart is true and what others want from you.  The Moon is opposite Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aries suggesting that others think they know you better than you know yourself!  Stick with your own gut instincts and go with your intuitive heart.  It will not lead you astray and is your own personal GPSystem!  There could be some intense moments over the next 48 hours as a result. 


In your love life and friendships of all types, ever the sly one, Scorpio Moon can be quite secretive.  So this is prime time for keeping secrets and being resourceful.  Scorpio is a fixed sign, so it helps you to be determined as well.  The general mood with your honey has the potential for unbridled passion.  Read lava flow into that last statement folks.  If the volcano can’t seep out some lava, then the top can blow off.  Let the lava flow and don’t try to contain it, otherwise you might have a more difficult challenge on your hands.  Our friend Smiles transforms all lava flow situations with humor and laughter.  Good advice.  Look for the humor in all events and laugh-a-lot over the next couple of days. 


Reflection Questions! 

  1. What house does Scorpio rule in your birthchart?
  2. What house do you find Pluto in?
  3.  Trick question:  Pluto is now transiting Capricorn.  What life shaking events are being transformed in your life as a result?
  4. How well do you deal with death and rebirth issues?  All life is about death and rebirth if you are to grow!  Think of the 4 seasons!


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to let off emotional steam gently and peacefully.  I intend to surround myself with people who are calm and peaceful to be around.  I intend to look for humor in every situation I encounter. 


Please noteI will not be writing my blog from Friday – Sunday

since it is an exceptional busy time for us

during the 4 months of our camping season!

I’m too busy laughing with our fabulous seasonal people.


Laugh-a-lot for a happier life!

Dance in the Moonlight!


For more information on dealing with life, love and relationships, visit my blog at Love My Journey,  If you are on a spiritual journey, you might also want to explore my website at



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  2. I’m definitely using my moon wisely

  3. Hi Davis. I’m delighted to hear this since the Moon governs so much of what happens on this earth!

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