Patterns in our lives Saros Cycle 136

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Patterns and cycles in our lives repeat themselves.  What were the main issues of your life approximately 18-20 years ago? You are about to spiral along the same theme or issues lines.  Will you choose to grow this time?  For you older folks go back 40 years then move forward 20 years and then move forward to today.  Do you see a common theme happening?  This eclipse is a power portal time to change your personal energy dynamic and spiral upwards. 


When one is looking for a pattern or a cycle, one has to begin at the seeding time or the “egg time” or the “birthing time” or the “spring time” to get a handle on what this truly means.   The eclipse of July 22, 2009 began on June 14, 1360 at 5:56 UT.  Currently we are approximately 52% of the way through this cycle or during the summer time of this particular pattern in humanities collective life. 


So what was happening historically during the very first of the Saros Cycle 136 back in 1360?  Here’s what wikipedia says if you wish to follow up.  Eclipses often show the end of kingdoms, the end of political reigns and new beginnings of phoenix rising nations and leaders.  This is no exception. 


Yah but what does the original birth chart show?  What is documented historically are the polarity points of war and peace.  The original chart is a bowl shaped whose challenge is to integrate Capricorn empire building energy.  Uh-oh and our dear friend Pluto happens to be sitting in opposition today to the Sun, Moon, Pluto conjunction of the beginning of the seeding of Saros Cycle 136. 


Not only that but the leading planet in 1360 is Saturn in Leo conjunct Chiron (wounded healer) roaring for supremacy at any cost.  Hmm, sounds familiar with some political factions around the globe.  Governments, you say you want peace and you create war to get it?  That smacks of polarity points in my world.


Then there is Mars at 26 degrees Aries, it’s natural home.  Mars is adding positive fuel to the fire of the New Moon conjunction of Sun and Moon at 0 degrees Cancer.  Cancer as you all know is protecting home and hearth.  So in a nutshell we have wars to protect home and hearth and all we hold dear.  The solution is Pluto in Capricorn or lava flow to erase and eradicate what no longer works in the world.  The solution to a bowl shaped way of operating is to raise consciousness and integrate the qualities of the opposition according to Marc Edmond Jones. 


Yah but what does this mean to you personally?  It’s de-throning time.  Whoever is the power behind the political throne in your house, or in your business will have to change how they operate.  If we are wise, we will learn to compromise.  Cancer Sun conjunct Cancer Moon conjunct Mercury in today’s eclipse is demanding we all work as a family unit or as a team.  It’s time for the bully who leads the parade to go.  It’s a new world and people will expect and demand that we work as ONE team, one family.  The voices will be heard whether it’s around your kitchen table or at the office or in the political arena.   


Reflection Questions:

  1.  What are 4 things you can do to compromise work as a team at home?
  2. What are 4 things you can do compromise and work as a team at work?
  3. What are you going to do to compromise and integrate the warring parts of yourself so that you are at peace with the wonderful person you are today?
  4. Have you forgiven yourself for past ways of acting?  Do you not know you did the best you could given the information you had in the past?
  5. What were the themes in your life 20 years ago?  40 years ago?  60 years ago?
  6. Have you completed your New Moon Vision Board?


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to accept myself for who I am today.  I AM grateful for the lessons of the past for they have helped me become the wonderful person I am today.  I live in the NOW.


Cancer New Moon Vision Board Super Energy Eclipse

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Energy zapping solar eclipse time is here. Did you know that eclipses are spirals over hundreds of years of eclipse cycles? They spiral literally around the globe.  Super charged change is here! The lightning bolts of super energy will zap specifically Shanghai and other parts of China.  India, Japan, Hawaii and some of the islands in the South Pacific will be targeted by this eclipse of super charged energy.   The eclipse occurs at 2:35 a.m. on July 22, 2010 UT or GMT.


Eclipse longest in China in 500 years


So what’s it going to mean for those countries?  I would have to do the birth chart of these countries specifically to find out.  At the very least there is going to be a shift in power.  I suspect that China is going to become a super power once again as this is her phoenix time.  Watch the next 500 years!  Oh, you aren’t going to be around that long?  China and India laid the foundation of much culture, beauty and advancements of civilization thousands of years ago.  It’s phoenix rising will bring that once again to the foreground.  Alongside it India will also once again be on the upswing. 


Yah but what about the rest of us?  Well my dears, I can write some of it.  However the fundamental data that I need is from NASA and I found a mistake in what they have posted on line.  I’m sure it’s a typo, but have sent an email to them to verify their data.


Eclipses are portals of super energy that we can tap into and go with their flow.  While all astrologers who research eclipses don’t agree, for centuries it has been found that eclipse effects last until the next solar eclipse.  That takes us to January 15, 2010 when we have a partial solar.  However, according to “Interpreting the Eclipses”, Jansky suggests that one should expect the eclipse effect to be in place until the next total solar eclipse.  That takes us to July 11, 2010.  So start your vision boards!


This New Moon is super sized because we already had a New Moon in Cancer this year.  Now we get to have a second one just to ensure we get that extra zap of mothers and family energy.  In other words, we are given an opportunity to really get it right.  Whatever is wrong with your family dynamics, this is the time to correct it. 


What else is in the New Cancer Moon eclipse chart?  The Sun and Moon at 29 degrees are out of bounds.  So are Pluto, and the Neptune stellium.  When planets are out of bounds that suggests they work in extreme ways.  Watch out for extreme water issues during the next year.  Either there will be deluges, floods or tsunamis or lack of water for the next year. It’s the polarity of either too much or not enough; an ocean or a desert.  Politicians will be fighting about water. Countries will be scrambling to find clean water resources.  For heaven’s sakes, don’t take water lightly.  Make sure your municipal water is safe to drink!  At the very least every time you take a drink of water, thank the water molecules, bless it and be grateful for it.  According to world renowned Dr. Emoto, this works to change the molecular structure of the water.  My reiki friends tell me they always reiki water before they consume it. 


The other way this can operate in the extreme has to do with issues related to the family since Cancer Moon rules women and families.  These topics will be front and centre for the next year in many countries.  On the personal front, many families will simply be challenged to stay together.  Pluto shift.  Garbage out time!  Women will demand more equal treatment around the globe and in their own homes.  Sorry men, but its time we moved away from patriarchial societies to being equal.  That shift is happening before your eyes.  For you pagans, Lilith at 22 degrees Capricorn is giving a positive trine to Saturn conjunct Ceres suggesting the time for growth is now.  The lessons have been learned.  Actually Lilith is closest to the Finger of Fate solution, so she will play a huge teaching role in the next year.  For the rest of you, Lilith represents the dark side of the Moon.  She is the goddess who represents the shadow side of each of us.  We often deny her and ignore her.  For the next year, she will be stepping up to the plate and forcing us to pay attention to the sides of our unconscious psyche that we tend to hide from both ourselves and the world. Yah, some major healing time is going to take place!


Yah but what else is in the chart?   This chart has a Finger of Fate in it.  This suggests we have all been here before with the Sun conjunct Moon conjunct South node, conjunct Mercury.  All those planets are pointing a quincunx to the stellium of Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune.  There is another quincunx shooting out from Saturn and yet another darting it’s arrow from Pluto.  Okay now let’s look at what this all means.


Fingers of Fate or yods as they are also called are direct pointers indicating to us to “pay attention, get it right, here’s the specific problem”.  Gee, it even shows the solution which happens to be at 27’ Capricorn in your own chart.  Check your own chart to see what house it is in to determine the area that you can find your own solutions.  If you have any planets at plus or minus 5 degrees from 27 Capricorn, they will help you on your healing journey. All of us will have the help of Lilith who might seem like a harpy in your own home.  However, she is the great teacher just now, so don’t turn your back on her teachings. 


Pluto shift is in the making!  Lava flow or volcanic blow your top action.  If you take action now, you avoid major problems later.  First the healing has to happen (Chiron) then we can expand (Jupiter) then we can reach higher levels of consciousness (Neptune).  Let the healing begin!  Since all these planets plus Pluto are retrograde it suggests a lot of inner work has to be done before these planets go direct.  In other words, we have to do the feeling and thinking before we can do the acting.  Global shift is here because each of us will be undergoing this shift, this change in consciousness. This eclipse is upping the ante on forcing us to move forward or be buried alive by the lava flow.


Don’t forget to do your vision boards!  Do I need to tell you to incorporate some aspect of your own inner healing? 


Reflection Questions! 

  1. What house does 29 degrees Cancer fall in your chart?
  2. What planets fall between 22 Capricorn – 2 degrees Aquarius?
  3. What inner healing do you have to do before you can move forward with your life?
  4. How do you show to yourself that you respect your feminine softer side?


Laugh-a-lot for a happier life!

Dance in the Moonlight!




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Aries Sun, Spring Equinox Play

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Shift time in our earthly Universe! Equinox times are always huge shifts of energy on Planet Earth.  The ancient wise ones who came before us understood this and worked with that energy change.  We shift into Fire Energy with the Sun dancing the lively two-step into Aries.  Celebrate a new awakening.  Celebrate spring!


If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you noticeably will be affected by this shift.  The rest of us will have moments of our day which will be influenced by the Sun asserting his power in this fire sign. 


Empower yourself and use the Equinox energy wisely!  I’m grateful for the new earth drum beat for the next few months.  You see, we will have this fire energy drumming in the background until the next equinox.  It will be the musical backdrop of our world stage in the play of our lives.  Each Sun sign shift of Aries, Taurus and Gemini will form the progression process of our play from the beginning, middle and end until the next equinox.  The Sun forms the scenes of your play.  The Moon shift will write your episodes.  The main plot will focus on paying bills and overcoming the mountain of debt.  Stay tuned to the movie on your journey through life!   


So what does this Equinox energy bring to our world play over the next 3 months?  The Sun is the main male actor while the Moon is the main female actress.  We all have these archetypes in our personalities. This Aries Sun actor is going to go through a range of behaviors from adventurous and energetic to stamping his foot in anger because he is thinking “me first”.  This Aries actor lives very much in the Now and is impulsive.  Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior archetype or side of each one of us.  Consequently, Aries Sun is going to demand initiative and action even more than usual because he is backed up by Uranus and Mercury.  Together this team is looking at their future and being very vocal about “what about me”?   Saturn in Virgo is forming an opposition to this planetary trio.  This suggests further belt tightening and struggles to deal with the play’s plot of the next 3 months.  These planets are all forming squares to Pallas Athena who in her wisdom prefers to be the peaceful goddess.  However she carries with her a sword to use if need be.  Chances are it will be used over the next 3 months as the plot thickens.  It could be that Athena as a supporting actress will team up with Aries Sun, Uranus and Mercury to seek revenge and justice.


In light of the global economy and the response of governments around the world pouring money into large corporations, people are going to respond to any inequities in a lively and fiercely protective manner.  Do you see what is happening with AIG paying their top corporate people huge bonuses from tax payer money?  That isn’t the least bit appropriate while the average person is financially struggling or worst has been laid off.  So the governments and large corporations of Planet Earth are going to be faced with the ram battering attitude of the global village people.  Yes, the world’s people have found their voice!


Yah but what about the main actress, Capricorn Moon in our world play?  Capricorn Moon will govern our underlying emotions for the next 3 months as this new play unfolds. The female and emotional side which we all have within us is trine Saturn suggesting that we are emotional ready for these difficult lessons.  We are ready to narrow our focus and do whatever it takes to make life work.  We emotionally are willing to commit to a plan and be responsible and more cautious.  We will be more disciplined and conscientious in trying to do the best we can to help overcome this mountain of a global economic problem.  With the Moon forming a trine to the trio of Mercury, Uranus and the Sun, we will support whatever actions the Sun wants to do during this play.   However, while we are willing to do this on the home front, we will expect our governments and corporations to mirror what we are willing to commit to. 


Is it a coincidence that  Pluto in Capricorn shift is affecting all of us during this global play?  No we are all engaged in it with the Moon in Capricorn.  This Pluto shift is square Venus retrograde in Aries.  That suggests that the normally docile and pleasant Venus is not going to be so pleasant.  She too is an actress in this play for the next three months.  Her role will be that of the unhappy harpy. She is the face of every woman around the globe urging her partner to do something about this situation.  She doesn’t have enough money to pay the bills.  She doesn’t have the lifestyle she is used to.  Oh yah, Venus in all of us will be the main complainer.  She wants her family to be okay and she is scared. So like anyone that acts out of fear based energy, she is going to be screaming mad at times.  Her role in the play is to force the sluggish Pluto shift or transformation to happen more quickly.  Shh, the curtains are opening about the time I post this.  Think about how this play is going to play out in your home!


Act 1 is Aries Sun – beginning sets the story line

Act 2 is Taurus Sun middle

Act 3 is Gemini Sun end climax, conflict resolved

Let the Spring equinox play begin!


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to do one random act of kindness today.


Please help elect Canadian Linda Hoang to get her dream job in lovely Australia!  If I were decades younger I would dream of doing this!  Here’s the background information.


Here’s where you can vote for Linda Hoang.



Yes I can.  Yes WE can!

Dance in the Fiery Moonlight!


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