Full Moon

Magnificent Moon changes signs every 2.5 days.  It is part of our fundamental Moon Cycle or Moon pattern. It affects everyone’s emotional energy.  The Full Moon represents the time in which everything known has come to light.  It is time to nurture the seeds you planted during the New Moon.  Understand it and empower yourself to use this emotional energy wisely!   The Full Moon occurs every 28 days.  Each sign of the zodiac gets the full impact approximately once a year when a Full Moon appears in that sign.  For example a Full Moon in Taurus will occur only once a year on average. 


The earth is 85% covered in water.  Our bodies are 85% liquid.  During the Full Moon phase the highest tides occur on the ocean since the Full Moon influences them so dramatically.  Similarly people and animals are affected by the Full Moon effect.  Anyone who works in schools, hospitals, police work, or with the general public knows that during the Full Moon people react more strongly emotionally.  The Full Moon is a force to be reckoned with as it affects us all innately.


The Full Moon is harvest time.  You planted seeds of ideas during the New Moon phase.  Now it is time to manifest or reap the harvesting rewards.  The Full Moon is a time of completing things you initiated during the New Moon phase.  You will find it easier to finish things up by using the two weeks of the Full Moon cycle.  You can amplify this further if you construct a Full Moon Vision Board. 


Dance in the Full Moonlight with a Vision Board!


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