Moon Transits

The Moon shifts energy every 2-3 days as it dances around the earth.  It affects all us emotionally.   By understanding the 28 day Moon cycle and how it affects us personally, we can empower ourselves!  You get to choose your emotional response to everything in life.  Your taking control of your innate emotional response increases your Emotional IQ.  Angel blessings on your journey into yourself and what makes you emotional tick!

Dance in the Moonlight!



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  1. I like the accessible tabbed pages you’ve formatted. My curiosity brought me to click on MOON transits to compliment the reason for being here …a compelling call from my heart to visit my sister.

    With great delight, like MOON, I’m ‘transferring signs’ too; at least, room for a second online orbit. Hehehe

    Was outraged we had been unable to connect in blog ‘space’ inner not outer for the past day or so but am delighted, while performing a test moments ago, I discovered my profile was already registered with ‘wordpress, remembered you being here, and decided to click into your site so that I could sign up with you too.

    Doesn’t seem to be an ‘option’ on your page Sherrie. However, I’m registered with ‘the largest minority’ so methinks future disruptions in our blog experience now has a ‘second’ board to surf communication within blog-sphere.

    In passing…

    Angel blessings on your journey into yourself and what makes you emotional tick!

    ..too! Love IS always!

    (((HUGS))) xx

  2. oh my gawd … what am I missing if you can’t subscribe? Thanks my dear bro’ for letting me know. There must be something that has the RSS feed that I haven’t checked. Neil you are so much better at this than I am. What am I missing?

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