New Moon

The New Moon phase of the 28 day Moon cycle is the best time to begin anything.  It is the key to the correct timing of anything you wish to initiate in your life. From the New Moon until the First Quarter Moon it is time for starting actions or plans.  The second phase from the First Quarter to the Full Moon is used to nurture what you initiated.

Traditionally, farmers know that if they want crops to grow above the ground, they must plant those seeds during the two weeks of the New Moon cycle.  Similarly, if we want matters to go out into the world, or to be seen by the world; we truly should begin them during the 2 weeks of the New Moon.  This is the time to grow your relationships, grow your love, or grow your business.

Empower yourself and use the 2 week New Moon cycle wisely!

New Moon Vision Board creation helps you to move your new ideas forward.  If you want to have more control over your own life, then do yourself a favor.  Manifest your wants and needs more quickly by creating your vision board during the New Moon phase.

Dance in the New Moonlight!


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