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The Sun jived its way into Gemini overnight.  For those of you who are Sagittarian Sun or Moon signs, you might find the next month a challenge.  It’s all about polarity points.  Imagine a pencil.  When your Sun sign is on the pencil lead and you are in your glory writing your own script.  The play is totally yours and you are the director, totally in control of your life.  Thus when the Sun is transiting our birth chart Sun sign, it is casting life and light into our lives.  It truly is the spring time of our birth chart and we usually experience new growth.  So those of you who are Gemini Sun, Moon or Ascendant, this is your spring time to thrive!


However, when the Sun is transiting on your eraser end of your pencil, you might find yourself challenged to erase some of your thinking to behaving.  You see it’s totally the opposite of what you usually believe or think.  In fact, you likely will have a love-unlove relationship with people who are your polar opposites.  Think about it!  So Sagittarius and Gemini folks have totally opposite ways of seeing the world.  For Sagittarius Sun and Moon signs, the move into Gemini Sun means the Sagittarians are experiencing autumn or fall for their solar year.  Sagittarians are getting ready to slow it down and reap the harvest of all they have sown since their birthday Sun time in late November and in December.


Now if you are a Pisces Sun or Moon, or a Virgo Sun or Moon, you too will experience challenges for the next month.  You see the Gemini Sun is square your Sun or Moon sign.  I suspect if you look at the pattern of your lives, you will find the most difficult life events pattern of your life happen when the Sun is travelling through Gemini.  I truly want you to reframe this.  It is in the difficult moments of our lives that we truly have the opportunities to learn the best lessons.  We certainly don’t learn much when we are cruising through life and everything is flowing smoothly down the river!  It is by doing inner reflection work when times are tough, that we look at our own behavior and can change how we respond to life and to people.


For those of you who have your Sun or Moon in Air Signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, you will be sailing smoothly along the ocean of life for the next month.  Catch the wind in your sails while you can.  Your yearly challenges come at another time of the year as your personal pattern.


What about the rest of us?  Well you are just in a lull period.  We need the lulls to catch our breath, to slow down the rhythms of life and to just simply coast for awhile.  We all have to deal with Mercury retrograde for another week. 


  1. That should simplify my life a wee bit!


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