Mercury Retrograde Giggle Juice

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Are you giggling with the universe?  At least you know what is going on with Mercury retrograde!  Let me give you some real life examples.


A friend truly believed contractors were going to pour cement for her new basement.  They were delayed by a few days.  She is anxious to get her new home started.  Since she is aware this house construction was supposed to begin during the three weeks that Mercury is retrograde, she understands the delays.  Her method of dealing with it?  Lots of deep breaths and giggle juice.


Another friend had a major operation.  Initially she was told she would be out of the hospital four days later.  However, there was conflicting opinions among the doctors and she was not released for 7 days.  Her understanding that there would be changes of medical opinion helped her to giggle her way through it.


A friend, who prides herself on few problems with viruses on her computer, suddenly has massive infections to the point that she has to take her computer to a techie.  Why?  Try Mercury retrograde as prime time for slowing down computer communications. Imagine the entire internet slowing down all over the globe and you get the picture.  Slowing to a snail’s pace as Mercury gets ready to be a morning star!


A person wanted to rent one of our cabins for a month.  I’m not too excited about making the deal.  Why?  I know the conditions will change.  The job will change and they will have to leave earlier than expected.  So I’m just giggling my way through the changes that seem to happen on almost a daily basis.


My hubby is a contractor who has learned to order all his materials for the anticipated jobs prior to Mercury going retrograde.  Why?  Well he has to communicate by phone to get the materials.  Then they are shipped to us via transportation which is also governed by Mercury.  So the trucks will slow down or break down or somehow miss loading the materials on the correct truck.  Or the materials will be shipped to some other remote region of our province.  All of the above have happened during Mercury retrograde, yet seldom happen when Mercury is direct.  During the 3 weeks the Mercury is retrograde, my Sherpa has learned to go with the flow and laugh along with quicksilver, Mercury.  He understands the implications to our business.


In Edmonton, several group homes for difficult teens were going to close down said the CEO.  Suddenly a few days later, the plans had totally changed.  That’s Mercury retrograde.  Both the government run Children’s Services and the group home didn’t think out their decision very carefully.  Plans always change during Mercury retrograde and you have to learn to go with the flow or giggle your way through the changes!


Remember the last solar eclipse in July was focused on Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter otherwise known as expansion of health care and healing expansion of ideas?  Neptune stands also for dissolving what is currently there. In Alberta, there are all kinds of rumblings about how our “new” health care reforms are not working for our province.  In the USA, the President is attempting to sell his vision of universal health care to the country.  Poor timing Obama.  You should have consulted an astrologer. It’s very doubtful that people will buy into the vision he has and he will get only a very watered down version passed.


So grab your bottle of giggle juice.  You understand what is happening.  Take ten deep breaths and go with the flow of the energy of the universe!


Laugh-a-lot for a happier life!

Dance in the Mercury retrograde Moonlight!


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Mercury Retrograde~ Shape shifter

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Slowdown or Communication Meltdown?  You get to choose!  Life is shifting into slow gear from September 7th – 29th when Mercury goes retrograde during its routine life cycle of three to four times per year.  Are you feeling the effects already?  That’s because it takes a wee bit to turn that Mercury locomotive around.  So Mercury is slowing down and will come to a standstill before September 7th.  For any purists out there, Mercury does not actually slow down, but transforms itself from evening star to morning star during the Mercury retrograde.  In other words, right now Mercury is travelling behind the sun, rising after the sun does.  After the retrograde period is over, Mercury travels ahead of the sun, rising BEFORE the sun.  So Mercury is the ultimate communication and travel transformer. 


Think about it!  Shape shifter!  Mercury is changing from the end of its old cycle purpose or the wintery evening of its life cycle to a new and improved communication expert in the birth or spring of Mercury’s new life cycle purpose.  Mercury renews itself three to four times a year and drags you kicking and screaming along with it.  Locomotives have the power to do that. 


Yah but you don’t like it?  Too bad, so sad.  This is a time when you will be forced to revise, re-edit, re-new, re-negotiate, RE everything in your life that has to do with the written or spoken word.  RE everything that has to do with communication … re-dial that number honey!  But you are on hold?  Re-dial again.  Either put your life on hold and take a vacation for 3 weeks or work with the Mercury retrograde energy wisely


But you want to get a new car?  Don’t do it during Mercury retrograde.  But you want to buy a new computer?  Don’t do it during Mercury retrograde.  But you want to sign a contract for a new anything?  Don’t do it during Mercury retrograde.  Most things you do that have to do with communication and travel you end up either waiting in line, or having to redo, redesign, or just plain give up in exasperation.  Hello!  Mercury is busy doing his huge shift from the end of one cycle to the beginning of a new cycle.  He simply doesn’t have time to deal with your detailed list!  He’s transforming from Clark Kent to become the new Superman when he is through!


Empower yourself and use the Mercury-Rx energy wisely!  I’m grateful for Mercury retrograde time.  It is a super creative time.  It is time to do deep inside to dredge up some of your most insightful thoughts.  It’s a time of great inside illumination.  It’s a time to slow down and think!  Shine that searchlight inside yourself!


This Mercury retrograde begins at Libra, an air sign.  So expect all kinds of balance issues to come to the foreground.  Yin-yang. Politicians and others will begin this period by discussing how to balance budgets due to the economy.  They will also try to figure out the balancing act between hiring people and firing people (translation:  getting senior members to retire willingly).  Libra also stands for being super charming and full or airy thoughts, so some of the “answers” people will come up with might not be very practical, but they surely will sound terrific.  When Mercury goes backwards into Virgo on September 19th, the focus will shift to how to balance the act between health care matters on a global scale and getting people to respond positively in a personal way. 


Since Mercury retrograde is a global phenomena, notice how all of a sudden there will be the discovery that the HINI vaccine either isn’t working or there isn’t enough of it.  People in the health care industry will be scrambling since their plan is not working as they had originally intended.  This can get more than a little stressful with Mercury retrograde in Virgo quincunx the stellium of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius.  Show no fear and take your own health care precautions!  Yup, stay out of the fear energy that others around the globe will be generating.


Yes, shift is here and coming to your train station soon.  Now that you know the rest of the story, start preparing for your slow down.  Don’t get frustrated, but be grateful every day for the new lessons that Mercury is bringing to you.  Be very clear in your communication of any messages with people.  Follow it up in writing so you have the documentation you need to use when Mercury goes direct at the end of September.  Hold off on getting your vehicle fixed.  Try to make your train or plane flight to wherever prior to the retrograde period or be prepared for delays.  In other words allow for tons of time before you have to be somewhere. 


Your other alternative to all this shift in thinking?  Hibernate for the next three weeks.  Hmm, seems to me that’s what bears do when their world shifts from winter to spring.  Maybe the bears have a wise plan?  Hooray for the Mercury Life cycle!


Laugh-a-lot for a happier life!

Dance in the Pluto shift Moonlight!


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