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Are you repeating the theme pattern or cycle of Me versus Thee?  This Full Moon in Aquarius might see you struggle with that question once again.  So what theme were you struggling with in August 1990?  How about in July 1973 when this Saros Cycle 148 began?  The push-pull seesaw between Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon will find your heart wrapped around the same life theme once again.  When it all began in 1973, the Sun was in Cancer and the Moon was in Capricorn.  So the theme’s seeds might well have been home versus career.  Lunar eclipse times are times for an emotional reassessment of “what do I feel NOW?”


For those of you with your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius this Full Moon might be a real challenge.  If you have planets in the middle degrees of any of these fixed signs, check out how the planets are going to influence your life this time around.  First check which house is involved to figure out what events are likely to manifest over the next six months.  This is your prime time opportunity to learn your lessons and finish this cycle or pattern in your life. 


Here’s what I know to be true.  Leo Sun is opposite Aquarius Moon.  In other words, they are polarity points with each being at different ends of your life’s pencil.  The Moon casts its light on the stellium of Jupiter conjunct Chiron conjunct Neptune.  In turn each of those three planets is retrograde, so the emotional tug of war is an internal one.  While part of you wants to join up and expand with some universal cause, you might get hurt through the process.  To top it off, Mars is trine the Moon and sextile the Sun pushing your momentum along.  What do you do?  Leo Sun is asking you to lead your own parade, while your Moon is asking you to stay in the shadows, hidden underground with the stellium.  You just might not be ready to come out to play just yet. 


In the meantime, you have all these feelings boiling just below the surface of your consciousness in your mind-body-spirit connection.  That suggests that you haven’t quite baked your ideas into a cohesive whole plan.  In other words you might be still mixing up your cake’s ingredients.  That’s okay.   Give yourself a break and understand this piece.  It’s simply not time to pull your cake out of the oven yet or it will fall in the middle or taste yukky.  You need more time or you need more information before you can formulate a plan tailor made for you and your current level of energy


To top it off, Pluto retrograde is square both Saturn and Uranus retrograde which rules Aquarius.  So there’s lots of tension all around you.  Saturn, the teacher is pushing you for a definitive decision.  Pluto retrograde is whispering in your heart to change some aspect of your life totally.  Uranus retrograde is being forced to keep some of his brilliant ideas under wraps for the time being.  Your female energy is totally opposite Pluto with Venus in Cancer. 


Yikes, shift is happening on your female energy side.  Women are on the warpath?  Watch out world.  Imagine a world where all women are not only PMSing at the same time, but it’s lasting for six months.   Whew,  then to top that off it’s all bubbling below the surface so they just aren’t talking, but stewing internally about what’s really bugging them.  That’s a lot of retrograde planets involved in this eclipse!  My best guess is that there will be lots of muttering around kitchen tables that will result in many grassroots movements to come fully baked when the cake is finally ready to be taken out of the oven.   Many of us are totally shifting gears.  Oh yah, and somehow you have to figure out how to blend that female energy so she is part of your greater whole.  So respecting your female intuitive side should be a part of your plan. 



Yah but how long am I going to have to live with this tension and indecision?  How about for the next 6 months at least?  How about when all the above planets start moving direct?  With each planet’s direct movement you will take one more step forward in mixing up your plan.   


Now here’s something to also consider.  Those of you who fall under this glow of this eclipse will be the people most strongly affected.  So if you live in much of the European union, Africa or South America you definitely will have your governments, your cities and your lives affected.  See the map here to see where your country and city are:


Reflection Questions! 

  1. How can you feel and think outside the emotional box you built for yourself?
  2. Me versus thee, me versus them.  Who is “them” to you?
  3. What pattern or theme did you discern for yourself?
  4. What feeling do you want to generate for yourself now?
  5. Put the feeling in the centre of your Vision Board.
  6. Now what events are going to give you that awesome feeling?

Manifest your life by creating your Full Moon Eclipse Vision Board!

Dance in the Pluto Shift Moonlight!


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