Aries Sun, Spring Equinox Play

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Shift time in our earthly Universe! Equinox times are always huge shifts of energy on Planet Earth.  The ancient wise ones who came before us understood this and worked with that energy change.  We shift into Fire Energy with the Sun dancing the lively two-step into Aries.  Celebrate a new awakening.  Celebrate spring!


If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you noticeably will be affected by this shift.  The rest of us will have moments of our day which will be influenced by the Sun asserting his power in this fire sign. 


Empower yourself and use the Equinox energy wisely!  I’m grateful for the new earth drum beat for the next few months.  You see, we will have this fire energy drumming in the background until the next equinox.  It will be the musical backdrop of our world stage in the play of our lives.  Each Sun sign shift of Aries, Taurus and Gemini will form the progression process of our play from the beginning, middle and end until the next equinox.  The Sun forms the scenes of your play.  The Moon shift will write your episodes.  The main plot will focus on paying bills and overcoming the mountain of debt.  Stay tuned to the movie on your journey through life!   


So what does this Equinox energy bring to our world play over the next 3 months?  The Sun is the main male actor while the Moon is the main female actress.  We all have these archetypes in our personalities. This Aries Sun actor is going to go through a range of behaviors from adventurous and energetic to stamping his foot in anger because he is thinking “me first”.  This Aries actor lives very much in the Now and is impulsive.  Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior archetype or side of each one of us.  Consequently, Aries Sun is going to demand initiative and action even more than usual because he is backed up by Uranus and Mercury.  Together this team is looking at their future and being very vocal about “what about me”?   Saturn in Virgo is forming an opposition to this planetary trio.  This suggests further belt tightening and struggles to deal with the play’s plot of the next 3 months.  These planets are all forming squares to Pallas Athena who in her wisdom prefers to be the peaceful goddess.  However she carries with her a sword to use if need be.  Chances are it will be used over the next 3 months as the plot thickens.  It could be that Athena as a supporting actress will team up with Aries Sun, Uranus and Mercury to seek revenge and justice.


In light of the global economy and the response of governments around the world pouring money into large corporations, people are going to respond to any inequities in a lively and fiercely protective manner.  Do you see what is happening with AIG paying their top corporate people huge bonuses from tax payer money?  That isn’t the least bit appropriate while the average person is financially struggling or worst has been laid off.  So the governments and large corporations of Planet Earth are going to be faced with the ram battering attitude of the global village people.  Yes, the world’s people have found their voice!


Yah but what about the main actress, Capricorn Moon in our world play?  Capricorn Moon will govern our underlying emotions for the next 3 months as this new play unfolds. The female and emotional side which we all have within us is trine Saturn suggesting that we are emotional ready for these difficult lessons.  We are ready to narrow our focus and do whatever it takes to make life work.  We emotionally are willing to commit to a plan and be responsible and more cautious.  We will be more disciplined and conscientious in trying to do the best we can to help overcome this mountain of a global economic problem.  With the Moon forming a trine to the trio of Mercury, Uranus and the Sun, we will support whatever actions the Sun wants to do during this play.   However, while we are willing to do this on the home front, we will expect our governments and corporations to mirror what we are willing to commit to. 


Is it a coincidence that  Pluto in Capricorn shift is affecting all of us during this global play?  No we are all engaged in it with the Moon in Capricorn.  This Pluto shift is square Venus retrograde in Aries.  That suggests that the normally docile and pleasant Venus is not going to be so pleasant.  She too is an actress in this play for the next three months.  Her role will be that of the unhappy harpy. She is the face of every woman around the globe urging her partner to do something about this situation.  She doesn’t have enough money to pay the bills.  She doesn’t have the lifestyle she is used to.  Oh yah, Venus in all of us will be the main complainer.  She wants her family to be okay and she is scared. So like anyone that acts out of fear based energy, she is going to be screaming mad at times.  Her role in the play is to force the sluggish Pluto shift or transformation to happen more quickly.  Shh, the curtains are opening about the time I post this.  Think about how this play is going to play out in your home!


Act 1 is Aries Sun – beginning sets the story line

Act 2 is Taurus Sun middle

Act 3 is Gemini Sun end climax, conflict resolved

Let the Spring equinox play begin!


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to do one random act of kindness today.


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Dance in the Fiery Moonlight!


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