Mercury Retrograde Giggle Juice

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Are you giggling with the universe?  At least you know what is going on with Mercury retrograde!  Let me give you some real life examples.


A friend truly believed contractors were going to pour cement for her new basement.  They were delayed by a few days.  She is anxious to get her new home started.  Since she is aware this house construction was supposed to begin during the three weeks that Mercury is retrograde, she understands the delays.  Her method of dealing with it?  Lots of deep breaths and giggle juice.


Another friend had a major operation.  Initially she was told she would be out of the hospital four days later.  However, there was conflicting opinions among the doctors and she was not released for 7 days.  Her understanding that there would be changes of medical opinion helped her to giggle her way through it.


A friend, who prides herself on few problems with viruses on her computer, suddenly has massive infections to the point that she has to take her computer to a techie.  Why?  Try Mercury retrograde as prime time for slowing down computer communications. Imagine the entire internet slowing down all over the globe and you get the picture.  Slowing to a snail’s pace as Mercury gets ready to be a morning star!


A person wanted to rent one of our cabins for a month.  I’m not too excited about making the deal.  Why?  I know the conditions will change.  The job will change and they will have to leave earlier than expected.  So I’m just giggling my way through the changes that seem to happen on almost a daily basis.


My hubby is a contractor who has learned to order all his materials for the anticipated jobs prior to Mercury going retrograde.  Why?  Well he has to communicate by phone to get the materials.  Then they are shipped to us via transportation which is also governed by Mercury.  So the trucks will slow down or break down or somehow miss loading the materials on the correct truck.  Or the materials will be shipped to some other remote region of our province.  All of the above have happened during Mercury retrograde, yet seldom happen when Mercury is direct.  During the 3 weeks the Mercury is retrograde, my Sherpa has learned to go with the flow and laugh along with quicksilver, Mercury.  He understands the implications to our business.


In Edmonton, several group homes for difficult teens were going to close down said the CEO.  Suddenly a few days later, the plans had totally changed.  That’s Mercury retrograde.  Both the government run Children’s Services and the group home didn’t think out their decision very carefully.  Plans always change during Mercury retrograde and you have to learn to go with the flow or giggle your way through the changes!


Remember the last solar eclipse in July was focused on Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter otherwise known as expansion of health care and healing expansion of ideas?  Neptune stands also for dissolving what is currently there. In Alberta, there are all kinds of rumblings about how our “new” health care reforms are not working for our province.  In the USA, the President is attempting to sell his vision of universal health care to the country.  Poor timing Obama.  You should have consulted an astrologer. It’s very doubtful that people will buy into the vision he has and he will get only a very watered down version passed.


So grab your bottle of giggle juice.  You understand what is happening.  Take ten deep breaths and go with the flow of the energy of the universe!


Laugh-a-lot for a happier life!

Dance in the Mercury retrograde Moonlight!


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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

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Re-do, re-clarify, re-write, re-edit, recall, re-word, re-travel, re-schedule.  The RE is back!  Mercury Retrograde time is here!  It’s time to communicate with your inner self as this is prime reflection time until February 1st when Mercury/Hermes starts to move forward again. 


If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in air signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, you noticeably will be affected by the emotional energy over the next three weeks.  The rest of us will have moments of our day which will be influenced by the Mercury moving backwards or retrograde in this air sign. 


Empower yourself and use the Moon energy wisely!  I’m grateful for Mercury retrograde three times a year cycle.  Mercury rules communications of all sorts and empowers us to see what type of communication we feel empowered by.  It is the time of writers and deep reflection on the messages you give to others.


I do not believe God, Creator, the Universe, the ONE has anything happen by mistake.  No we are given this gift three times for three weeks a year to slow down the chaotic rhythm in our lives.  Instead of spinning your wheels and trying to go faster, go on vacation, hug a tree, journal, reflect and enjoy the rhythms of nature once more.  Use this time to listen to your heart, your soul, your spirit.  Be creative and right brained.  Make music, write poetry, be super artistic.  This is your time … just you and the flow of inner universal energy.  Re-vel in it.  Find the joy in it.  Seek the happiness in this gift of three weeks of time three times a year = 9.  Now this isn’t a coincidence either, but I truly do not know much about numerology.  So hopefully someone else will interpret that for us.   


Yah but you have to do things over and over again.  Oh well, live with it.  It needed to be improved upon anyway. The challenge of this particular Mercury retrograde is that it occurs first opposite the Full Moon in Cancer.  That suggests to me that we will have to be very clear on messages we make or give to the people in our family and extended family.  There will be all kinds of mis-takes, mis-interpretations, missed opportunities otherwise.  Since Mercury goes retrograde through Aquarius then through Capricorn, we have to re-learn those messages he has been trying to give us.  Those have to do with humanitarian causes, foresight, and practical problem solving.  We still aren’t clear on what we as a global race must do.  Nor are we clear on what we should do within our own communities and homes on these issues.  So we are forced to rethink our original solutions. 


You think you have it bad?  Think of all our political leaders.  All the forward thinking ideas they want to advance during this next 3 weeks will have to be redone and revisited.  Obama wants to hit the ground running after his inauguration, but instead all his well thought out plans likely will run into all kinds of roadblocks that for some reason he and his team just didn’t think about.   Harper wants to bring down the budget for Canada and stay in as prime minister later this month.  However the house next sits during Mercury retrograde, so all kinds of mis-interpretation of communication will occur. 


Do not invest in the stockmarket during Mercury retrograde.  It will continue to fall until after February 1st.  Besides, anything you buy during Mercury retrograde, you re-think about after the retrograde period and you aren’t quite so in love with it.  Do you have to make phone calls?  Be prepared to call them back over and over before you connect.  If you do connect right off the bat, ensure they repeat what you said and follow up with the information in writing.  Someone will mis-interpret otherwise.  Problems with your transportation systems?  Make sure your vehicle is well tuned up.  Allow extra time anyway.  You might miss your exit, miss your connections, miss meeting the person you were supposed to meet.  Problems with your internet connection?  Oh yah, make sure your anti-virus programs are up to date.  Problems with your computer?  That’s the way it goes my friends!  Do not initiate anything.  For heavens sakes, do not sign any contracts. Forewarned is forearmed! Say some extra prayers for patience for yourself every day!


Reflection Questions! 

  1. How patient are you?
  2. Are you prepared for 3 weeks of inner reflection?
  3. How can you ensure your message is very clear?
  4. How can you ensure the message you receive is what is really intended? 


Affirmations and Intentions:  I intend to be very clear with people during Mercury retrograde periods. 

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